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Advance Rust Reference

22 May, 2020

2 min read

These notes are for self reference. I am not intending it write for others, instead they are created only for my reference, so that I can refer them later for a quick walk-through on some advance concepts of Rust.

If you are familiar to any Statically Typed language, as well as Functional Programming language, basics in Rust is quite easy to grasp. Though, if you don't have a proper background from some Low Level Language like C or C++ (where Rust language core actually lies), then some advance concepts like memory management and pointers would be very hard to understand.

Recently, I have felt that some advance concepts like:

are easy to understand, but hard to implement.

This Doc is meant for me to keep a track on these concepts and also some basics which I seem fit, do some basic hands-on coding on these concepts to understand them better and use those notes to later on refer them for quick start on this language, instead of starting over again.

Keeping these notes will help me to understand Open Source projects in Rust better.

Even Lifetimes is a special concept in rust hard to grasp, and even harder to track in notes. Lifetimes is a concept best learnt by practice.

Cool, Enough talk!!! Let's now add contents for later reference.

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